"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." Nelson Mandela.

Work With Us

We are in constant need of volunteers to help us stream line our activities, provide training to the youths in many different academic displines.

Volunteers play an important role in our organisation, they become part and percel of the organisation. We welcome gap year students, work experience students, retired trainers/teachers or just some one want to help. - Email: mcitedi@gmail.com.

Our Approach

IT Trainers

We have a number of IT courses that require IT trainers, we mainly take in trainers from a few weeks to 6 months and can extend the 6 month period,

We would be more interested in people who can teach Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, HTML, CSS, JQuery, JavaScript, Android, SQL, PHP, Google earth maps and Java.

For enquiries or application, please send your CV to: mcitedi@gmail.com

Our Approach

Business Trainers

Entrepreneurship is at the heart of our training programs, this gives the ability of our trainees to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to start their own business enterprises.

Trainers in business related discipline like accounting, marketing, writing business plans, business administration etc. are welcome to apply.

For enquiries or application, please send your CV to: mcitedi@gmail.com

Our Approach

Graphic & Media Trainers

Graphic design and Multimedia production are new courses that are going to feature on our program starting the 2016 academic car lender.

The courses are creative in nature, we will use a wide array of tools & programs, we are open to any trainer with any popular multimedia production or graphic design application that he/she can teach.

For enquiries or application, please send your CV to: mcitedi@gmail.com

Our Approach

Youth Training

Uganda has one of the highest percentage of youths in the world, youth unemployment is at all time high - shortage of employment opportunities, lack of employable skills training and shortage of vocational institutions is cited in the local press as the main cause of youth unemployment.

We provide ICT programs and entrepreneurship skills training to the marginalized communities in rural areas of Jinja district. Our ICT programs focus mainly on web development using a wide array of platforms and empowering youths with job creation skills.

Please feel free to send us an email on: mcitedi@gmail.com

Our Approach

NGO Training

Non Government Organizations play a vital role in creating jobs mainly for the youths, some of these organisations lack skilled ICT personnels. This impedes them from fully performing their activities.

We reach out to these organizations and provide the training skills needed so that members of their staff can apply ICT skills in their day to day operation to effectively perform their duties.

This approach has led organisations use the most up to date available tools to improve service delivery and reach out to a wider community they serve.

Our Approach

School Training

Quality education is a highway to better grades at both local and national exams. Rural schools have high school drop-out rates, have high class absenteeism, lack educational resources like text books and shortage of qualified teachers.

Training teachers in ICT skills helps them to use educational resources like pdf text books, educational literature, apps and on-line teacher training programs.

We teach primary 7 teachers in Microsoft Office, the internet, MOODLE and other educational tools to enhance classroom teaching

Please feel free to send us an email on: mcitedi@gmail.com

Our Approach

Jinja Schools Web-Portal

Most of the schools in Jinja district don't have access to a web presence, for the first time in the district we have designed a portal website to host all the schools in Jinja district.

www.jinjaschools.com will give access to a wealth of information resources, educational contents, academic materials, apps, online teacher training courses, teachers blog and MOODLE that will give pupils access to class lectures using thier mobile phones.

Our Approach

Past Exams Website

There is a shortage of educational resouces especially in rural schools, they don't have text books, libraries, past papers, reading materials etc. With the availability of past papers online will give access to students to use mobile phones to read and prepare exams.

The website with time will have tones of educational contents like moodle, virtual library, educational apss and class notes posted by students from various schools to help others access quality notes.

Please feel free to send us an email on: mcitedi@gmail.com

Our Approach

Jinja Tourism Website

Jinja has one of the best tourist hotspots in the country, the majestic source of the Nile has its origin in Jinja. There are a number of waterfalls, sceneries and cultural heritage that pits Jinja to be a tourism magnet.

We want to use ICT as a spring-box to promote tourism, ICT has potential to reach many people especially those from Europe, North America and other parts of the world.
We have started with a website www.jinjatourism.com, this will help the visitors find where to go, what to see, the enterianment and cultural aspect of the people of Busoga.

Past Papers Website

Contacts Us

Our offices are located at the heart of Wairaka trading centre, 10 kms from Jinja town.

Administration Manager: Abdallah Mukisa

The address is: Nanyumba Road,

Tel: 00256 (0) 701121549

Email: mcitedi@gmail.com

Past Papers Website

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Past Papers Website

Network with us

We have networked with established and reputable organisations in Jinja district in order to provide a better and diverse range of ICT and entrepreneurship training.

Jinja Scouts Association

Jinja Tourism Centre

Tubalera Kauma Vocational Training Centre

Wairaka Primary Schools.