"Entrepreneurship is about turning what excites you into capital, so that you can do more of it." Richard Branson.

Our Approach Transforming communties from job seekers to entrepreneurs.....here, youths are learning the art of running successful enterprises.

Who We Are

Mweva (www.mweva.org) is a Non-Government Organisation working with the marginalized and vulnerable youth in Jinja District of Uganda to alleviate poverty by providing ICT skills to communities and by helping organisations adopt the use of Information Communication Technology (ICT) in their day to day operations to better provide services to the communities they serve.

We are an ambitious, dedicated and focused organisation with a result based approach to solving problems. We work with those who are most affected, most vulnerable and those below the poverty line, including the youth, girls, disabled, and children of the area.

We also work with organisations that work with the most vulnerable in providing training in ICT to these organisations to equip them with IT skills. The goal of teaching IT skills is to better provide services to the marginalized and the vulnerable who could benefit from this training.

Our programs are have a high impact, while reaching out to a wide array of people. Our programs also can easily be adapted to different places and are cost effective.

Our History

Our History

The youth in Wairaka wanted to become employed. They thought about learning computer skills in order to have skills for employment, but unfortunately there were no vocational training centers in the immediate area.

Through consultations with the community, it was decided that there was a need to set up a youth training center to provide computer and entrepreneurship training programs. These programs would give access to the needy, the marginalized and those who live in rural areas who would benefit from this training.

All started well but it was becoming difficult to get funding and the project nearly closed down, a dedicated member of the organisation decided to use his salary to buy laptops and fund the organisation. His generous contribution has helped to transform youths to learn new skills and develop communities.

Our Approach

Why We Do This

It's easy to look on the side while many young people roam aimlessly on the street, see a high number of talented young stars drop out of the school or see single teen mothers struggle to make ends meet.
With the aid of technology, one can reach out to many youths to become active in searching for jobs, get the training they need or dream to become business start ups.

The youths are creative and innovative too, but they lack the tools, resources and guidance to become whatever they want to be when they grow up. Computer training programs from Mweva inspires these young starts to become computer programmers, software developers, web developers and business start ups.

Our Approach

The Change

We have transformed lives, inspired youths to achieve their dreams, ignite and spark children to aim to study computer science and its related disciplines, help others start their own enterprises, help NGO's and communities perform better.
Our programs are life changing and result oriented. People who had never touched a computer or ever heard of the word laptop, then in a short period of time they become web developers or computer programmers.

We normally work with people who are below the poverty line, young people who dropped out of school due to lack of fees and we provide them with quality free computer training that lead to job placements.

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Contacts Us

Our offices are located at the heart of Wairaka trading centre, 10 kms from Jinja town.

Administration Manager: Abdallah Mukisa

The address is: Nanyumba Road,

Tel: 00256 (0) 701121549

Email: mcitedi@gmail.com

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Past Papers Website

Network with us

We have networked with established and reputable organisations in the Jinja district in order to provide a better and more diverse range of both ICT and entrepreneurship training.

Jinja Scouts Association

Jinja Tourism Centre

Tubalera Kauma Vocational Training Centre

Wairaka Primary Schools.